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Our Mission:
- Help you to expand both your mind and your social life.

- Arrange a new discovery or surprise every week  (except during holidays and the week before holidays). These can be anything from cultural visits to talks to new discoveries and outdoor events in central London or nearby boroughs.  

- Guarantee a friendly and open-minded group of international people.

Inspirational Source
“The day will come when the natural desire of humans to form reliable communities, like the local pub, will reappear, and or start-ups that have reproduced the spirit will be the next fashionable innovation. Sometimes innovation involves recovering what has been lost.” 

Walter Isaacson



Specificity of the club

Selected Members :

Members are selected to create a group of international, open-minded and curious individuals. You will become part of the group and you will meet the same people week after week, creating strong links and friendships. 

International Members :


The group is composed of people from many different nationalities : British, European, Russian, American  - and we are hoping to expand our range of nationalities even more. Members are on average between 35 and 50 years old but we are open to anyone curious and willing to make a bridge between cultures.

Small Group :


Events are intentionally limited to between 10 to 20 people maximum to keep an intimate and friendly atmosphere. The group is very inclusive, warmly welcoming new members. It is our commitment to integrate new members quickly to the Be Curious group.

Goal of conviviality and exchange :

Details of events are revealed on weekly basis to ensure an element of surprise. 

The idea behind this is that people should not to choose a specific day/event but keep the morning free as much as possible to follow the pulse of the group to enjoy new discoveries all together.

You choose one day in your schedule that you dedicate to PHYSICAL social time by meeting people in person. Going to the Be Curious Club is like going to the gym - a regular chance to do something nice for ourselves, lifting our spirits and setting us up for the week !​

Tuesdays and Thursdays Mornings and Monthly Evening Events :
Events are organized on Tuesdays and Thursdays Mornings and recently, The Be Curious Club has added a monthly evening event to extend the club to show, ballet and theatre performances as it is wonderful to go out for the evening with the group. 
The Be-Curious is perfect for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, housewives, stay-at-home dads, expats in need of a break during the day time from work or kids.

The Be Curious Club offers a wide and eclectic range of events around innovative and original topics. 

Example of past events :

Indoor ski and golf experience, wine and whisky tastings, escape room, art exhibitions, fashion show, nutrition and cookery lessons, new innovation industries such as 3D printing or the eyewear industry, and discovering multiple facets of different cultures.  Please note this list is nowhere near exhaustive !

The Be Curious Club is always looking for new ideas and inspirational subjects to discover and share. If you have any ideas or recommendations worth sharing, please contact us.