About the club ...
Want to know more about the club, check first our 'About' page.
How to join us?

If you are interested in joining 'The Be-Curious Club', send an email to  explain why and how you heard about us. 

Once your request is accepted, you will be able to access the member pages of the website, pay the annual fee and register for events.
Kindly note that commercial activities within the Be Curious community is not accepted.
Try a Session

You can attend one taster event before requesting to join the Be Curious Club as a member. 

Please send us an email to introduce yourself. 

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Membership gives access to :
- Registration for events
- The Be Curious What’s app group which  provides useful information : reminders on times and meeting points as well as information on day itself.
Membership fees :
only a £5 fee is charged by session 
Trimestrial membership for Morning sessions :
£50 (Sept-Dec) 
£50 (Jan-March)
£50 (April - June)
+ cost of event (varies £5 to £40 max).

Trimestrial membership for Evening sessions :

£30 (Sept-Dec) 

£30 (Jan-March)

£30 (April- June)

+ cost of event (varies from £30 to 150£ max)

Can only be purchased on top of morning sessions.

Membership request

For a membership request, click on

Log In and Signup (just after New to this site).

Once your request has been accepted, you will be able to Log In and book the events.