Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Expand both your mind and your social life,

with discoveries and open-minded group of international people.​

South Kensington London Mews


Our Story

THE BE-CURIOUS CLUB was launched by Olivia Verbrugghe in 2016 and offers a wide and eclectic range of events around innovative and original topics.

The mission is to expand people’s minds and social life, to arrange new discoveries, surprises every week.


These can be anything from cultural visits, exhibitions, nutrition, cooking lessons, visits, talks, tastings, workshops that can be followed by lunch.

We also invite today’s, tomorrow’s best talents and specialists in a wide range of events to share their passion and work.

The Club is open to anyone curious to discover London's beauty as well as meeting new people.  

Attend the Club like you go to the Gym.
Make it a weekly routine.

Ready for the Run

10 reasons to join the club

1. Discover your city In & Out

2. Meet like-minded people

3. Visit museums outside peak time

4. Possibility to use your Free Pass Museum Access

5. Attend all-weather activities

6. Explore areas you will never have done by yourself

7. Never miss a must-to-be seen event

8. Be on top of what is happening in London

9. Don't choose the event : just let the team lead you 

10. Let us do the program and enjoy yourself! 

“The day will come when the natural desire of humans to form reliable communities, like the local pub, will reappear, and or start-ups that have reproduced the spirit will be the next fashionable innovation. Sometimes innovation involves recovering what has been lost.”

Walter Isaacson

Colorful Tables

Meet The Team

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The Founder

is eager for discovery and meeting new people, a recognized talent for finding ideas, organizing and connecting people together.

Floreine 3.jpg


The Creative

has the gift of rhetoric and aesthetics to ensure clear and effective communication.

Lynda 2.jpg


The Group Leader

has an incomparable gift for animating and leading the community with joy and fun.


The Influencer

loves sharing her findings and discoveries and cover our visits  with an eye of lightness or depth adapted to each situation.



The Botanist

puts nature and its peacefulness at the service of the well-being of the whole community and don’t miss an occasion to share her knowledge and passion.


More about us ...

Olivia is a serial entrepreneur with constant projects on the move, she is a senior consultant for one the top French Business School as well as leading the diploma Alumni community in the UK, supporting local associations and French culture in the UK.

Floreine is the author of the first novel "C'est pas ma faute," published by Éditions Baudelaire. She is also the author of the cookbook Desperate housewife of Bahrain cookbook. 

"C'est pas ma faute" the intimate story of Floreine who had to relearn how to live after a serious accident when she was 18, an example of will and resilience that allowed her to become the woman she is today: generous, funny and of great humanity.

Lynda is the most French of Australians who has made her career in television in France between sitcoms and musical shows. She has interviewed Elton John, Sting and even Mylene Farmer among others and has hosted world wide e events for l’Oreal, Exxonmobil as well as Michelin. 

She puts her talent and passion for culture and gastronomy at the service of others by always being at the forefront of novelties and events not to be missed. 

Sylvaine pursues her profession as a scenographer, not in luxury products but in plants having taken horticultural studies in Capel Manor College as well as working voluntarily in Fulham Palace. 

The creation of the garden is an exceptional way to meet English people and to familiarize with British culture. 

“To make a garden, you need a piece of land and eternity. » Gilles Clément.”

Muriel is a proud mother of four fantastic  children. She has worked in her youth as an actuary in a big insurance company for many years before stopping to become a full time mum for her beloved kids. She ran a family blog between Paris, Geneva and London about cultural life. She now dedicates a lot of her time for various  charities !